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What to Expect



Prior to your first visit, we ask that you complete your new patient paperwork in full. The more information we have about your health history, the more we can help, and therefore we ask that you take your time filling it out with as much detail as you can.  We also encourage you to bring any reports/results of previous tests such as x-rays, MRI, CT scans, etc.

Your First Visit


Upon arrival you will be warmly greeted by our amazing staff who will take your paperwork and then give you a tour of our beautiful office so you know where things are and what to expect. You will then be escorted to the Exam Room where they will explain the Insight Scans that they will be performing and will offer to answer any questions that you may have.

The first part of the exam consist of three INSiGHT NeuroTECH.  They are:  neuroTHERMAL (thermography), neuroCORE (static EMG), and neuroPULSE (HRV).   The second part of the exam consists of a neurological exam which also evaluates the function of your spine and its alignment.  The major emphasis of our initial exam is to evaluate your spine and central nervous system, determine how it is functioning, and find where the stress and challenges are that will need to be addressed.

After the scans have been completed, Dr. Smasal will join you in the exam room.  First, Dr. Smasal will go over an extensive history with you in regards to your current and past health challenges. Second, she will spend time explaining how chiropractic care works, and specifically how things are done in our office. We strongly feel that the more we know about you, and the more you know about us, the more we can help, and that is our primary mission.

The third component is likely the most important, and is begun once the consultation is done. This component is our comprehensive examination. The exam done at our office is very thorough and expansive, allowing us to figure out exactly what is going on with your health, and what the true cause of your challenges are.


If X-rays are determined to be needed, we’ll refer you to a location that’s convenient for you and works with your primary care physician.

This first day is very comprehensive, but should still be finished in about an hour.

Dr. Smasal will review all of the information gathered on this first visit and will design a specific care plan to address your current health challenges and to help you reach your health goals.

Your Second Visit

On your 2nd visit, our front desk staff will again greet you and get you checked in for your appointment.  We refer to this as your Report of Findings. This is a great time where you are encouraged to ask any and all questions you may have.

First, Dr. Smasal will explain the results of the scans that were performed. The scans will be explained and related to your specific condition or challenge. Again, this is the most important piece as you will be re-scanned on a very specific schedule in order to track and document your functional improvements.

After the scans are explained, you will be shown the results of the Activator neurological exam and these findings will be correlated with your scan results. The findings from those will be discussed. It is very important to us that you have a good understanding of what is going on with your spine and central nervous system, so again, please ask questions throughout the entire Report of Findings.

Lastly we will go over the details of your care plan and answer any and all questions you may have. Most care plans consist of three phases, and those will be explained. If any additional consultation, examinations, referrals, or any other form of additional testing is recommended, we will go over those as well.

Once your report and adjustment are finished  you will meet with Candice to go over the financial aspects of your care and your options with our affordable cash family plans.

The entire 2nd visit should again take about 20-25 minutes, and will finish with scheduling your next appointments.

Regular Visits

On a typical visit during the course of your care, you will always be greeted warmly by our incredible front desk staff. They will first have you check in for your appointment, complete any necessary paperwork, collect any payments due, and then escort you to the treatment room.

Every part of the care in our office contributes to the process designed to restore your health and wellness. So while you will likely have more frequent visits in the beginning you will be seeing progress with each step along the way!

Please know that Dr. Smasal respects your time and strives to stay on time, so you don’t have a long wait before your appointment.

Are you wondering if chiropractic care might be what your body needs? Contact our office today!

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